School to install jammer forbid students to play games

With the development of smart phones, many students like to play games on their mobile phones. Even if they are in class, they are addicted to games and influence their study.

Some mobile phones and smart phones typically rush out of the classroom to ban and instruct teachers to collect equipment ruthlessly in case of infringement. At some schools, at the end of the day, even students don't get their phones back, but only their parents, they have to go to school extra.

"This reputation is a perfect noise, it goes through a lot of different courses, and the first bat hears it very closely and they respond to the hunt. This is the same mechanism that can be used to interfere with sonar and radar technology. We don't know he triggered the bat brain. This may be because these purchase signal jammer stimulate certain neurons in the auditory system, usually reporting the location of the bat's prey. "

But there are also fewer restrictions on the trend. Their point is that, in any case, more and more students are allowed to use computers, tablets or smartphones in class. According to one study, 60 to 75 percent of these people are in high school.

Although it does not provide the same as the 2.6 GHz spectrum data capacity, but it still can travel long distances and in different rural areas provides corresponding broadband speed, because the telephone switchboard cannot be perfect to achieve its goals.

In addition, the frequency is low, compared with the modern 2.6 GHz, penetrating the wall is also better. So even if you're indoors, you can enjoy high end connections through this device.

Now, the 1,900-meter group is also being used by EE, which will also use it when 'Three' will launch its own alarm scrambler in December. Well, it's just because he bought a chunk from EE.

cell phone jammer is a device that transmits signals in a frequency range similar to that of a cell phone. It blocks communication by generating powerful interference. When the phone goes into the scrambler range, it loses its signal. The phone will only show "no service" or "no receptionist". Unfortunately, buses, subways, trains, cafes, 4G mobile phones disrupt stores, and even the grocery market is plagued by mobile phones. A rowdy talk about his major in public, mediocrity and private affairs forced everyone to hear.

However, under the agreement, 'Three' must agree not to roll out the spectrum until October, in order to get the spectrum of the brand from Orange and T. This may be the main reason why it delayed deployment until this year.

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