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Hi Lynda-


Yes, it is a little bit bigger.  We are just trying to improve our branding a bit more on that "powered-by".  Note that we will be giving sites an option to display a text link instead in a future release, however.  There will be an additional fee to replace the graphical version. 


We have not formally posted much about the release we rolled out yesterday because most of the changes were "under the hood", but you can expect to see more details about a couple of the changes soon.


Have a good weekend!


Since I am a pro user, I would hope that I would not have the additional fee.  I really do not like the new logo and was hesitant on having anything up on the site at all.  I am VERY interested in not having your branding at all on the site as we grow.  Blessing Ted.

I also was surprised to see the enlarged logo at the bottom of my forums recently. I don't like it and would not expect to have such prominent branding on a professionally hosted forum that I'm paying several hundred dollars per month for.

I don't mind the "powered by" branding. But its new size is a bit crazy, and the "organic" comment could be changed to something more pithy and obvious.

As a software developer and webmaster for several sites, I think we should support each other's good work, especially when by encouraging others to see the tools we are using,  it will grow and improve the tool. There are many examples of this being the case. Wordpress comes to mind. And hoopla itself as well.

As a 10 year customer of ubb.infopop.groupee.socstrata.eve.hoopla, we've benefitted by their growth tremendously.


We hear you... and we are going back to the old "powered-by" graphics we had in place before for Standard and above sites.  You should see that change in the next day or two.



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Dear Neil,

I'll let this one slide.




Dear Neil,

I'm very sorry your whole site stopped working.

I should have it up by... April.


-Brian Lenz

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