Why Is Content Automatically Followed When I Like It

Service: Hoop.la

Why Is Content Automatically Followed When I Like It

Service: Hoop.la

Hi, whenever I like a clip, the system seems to also automatically follow it for me, and then I subsequently get a stream of comments from others on that clip that I don't really want to see. So I always have to go back in and unfollow the clip, even though I didn't click the button to follow it in the first place.

Is there some setting in my permissions that is overriding my selections on individual photos that I need to change, or some other issue?

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Hi Julie,

I looked at Notifications and from what I can see the system assumes that if you like a post in a thread, you have chosen to follow it.

I don't see a separate option personal notifications where you can make the distinction between a like and posting a reply in a discussion.

At the top right of your screen, click your name, then click Notifications, then click Primary Notifications.


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Right, ST! That's the problem; I don't want to follow every clip that I like. In fact, more often than not, I don't. I think this is a bug in the system - it shouldn't assume a follow when one has not been requested.

I had also looked at my Notifications before writing this post, and saw no way to distinguish between the two there, but wanted to give the Hoop.la team the benefit of the doubt.

I'll wait for their reply, but I think this is a bug. Or, at the very least a function that doesn't make sense.

Hi Julie & ST,

You can like a piece of content completely independently of following. Following has nothing to do with liking, so simply liking a post will not cause you to automatically follow it (and vice versa).

Now, if you reply to a piece of content, the default behavior is to follow it. Perhaps that's what's happening, Julie? You can control that default behavior in your personal settings via Follow Content, When You Comment/Reply. You also have the option to control your follow preference on the reply form on a post-by-post basis.

Hope that helps!


I don't think that's what's happening or I wouldn't have written you. But I will test this again over the next couple of days and report back. So please leave this item open.

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