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Sorry I couldn't find a way to search your topics to check whether these were already covered.

I moderate a message board.  Some time ago I needed to appoint a co-moderator, came here for instructions, and followed them.  We can now BOTH still moderate, but the trouble is, HIS name appears in the header as moderator TWICE, while MINE doesn't appear AT ALL, so new members don't KNOW I'm a moderator!  Can I fix this without accidentally depriving either myself or the co-moderator of powers?

Other problem is longtime members grousing about off topic posts, no matter how we try to relate ALL posts to the main subject of the boards, somebody whines and threatens to notify the owners!  This could be easily solved by adding an "Off Topic" section, trouble is, I moderate the board, but I don't OWN it!  Can I make changes such as adding an "Off Topic" section and if so how?  Thanks!

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Do you have any contact with the community owner at HarperCollins? I can't go into your control panel to diagnose the problem without express permission from the site owner (and I can't find any previous posts from you in you have another profile?)

Do you remember the process you went through to add him as a moderator?

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