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Mornin', Emma!

It is! In your control panel, go to Email Settings. Look for "Level Of Content Detail To Display in Notification Emails", and choose "Complete Post Body" from the dropdown. Update your settings, and you're good to go!


Hi Lori,

Some of our group admins are now asking whether they can pay to allow the complete post body to display in the notification emails from their group only. I assume the answer is no? 

We have told them that it is actually beneficial to show only an extract of a topic, because that obligates people to actually go into the group page, consequently increasingly their page views, etc. Are we right about this? Do you have a recommendation? We don't think that the number of topic views  changes when people view a topic only through their email notification...

Thanks for your help.


Hi Emma,

It could be possible to do a customization to allow for full topics in email for some groups and extracts in others, but I don't know that it would be cost effective to do so. We can work out a quote if you like, but typically customizations are not inexpensive.

I do agree with you that showing the extract will drive someone back to the group if the contents of the extract has captured their interest enough to see the rest of the post or topic.  The question for you and your groups to decide will be where is the balance between the convenience of giving the entire post in email, and between driving people back to the site by only giving an extract, and which side of that balance serves your needs better.

You are right that putting the entire topic in the email doesn't raise page views when people read it. They're reading the text served via an email and not the pages.

Hi Emma,

Thanks for waiting. I'm told to quote $2500 for a customization that would move the "Level Of Content Detail To Display in Notification Emails"  setting from a global setting in the global control panel to a group by group setting.

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