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Hi Nat-

If you throttle, that will definitely reduce your page views and lower your percentage of page views by spiders.  If you are getting that high a percentage, I think it makes sense.  

There really is no normal, Rich. It also can depend on overall amount of traffic.  95% is definitely high, but for instance if a site has a lot of content (built up over many years), you can expect a higher spider ratio because they have to index a lot more pages on a regular basis.  

Responding at 10 pm on a Friday night on a holiday weekend? I'm impressed...again!

We serve between 8 and 12 million billable page views per month on our forums. Content goes back to January 2012.

The robots percentage sits around 70-71%. How does that strike you?

Hi Rich-

I wouldn't worry about it, honestly, unless you start hitting a plan page view limit. You have been around so long and have so much content accumulated over the years that that is not too surprising.  

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