Talk to me about the Calendar


Talk to me about the Calendar


Hey Hoop.

Finally getting around to look at the Calendar Module.

I don't see any documentation.

What can I do with it?  What's its value to the community?

I see I can add permissions. Thinking of using it as an "admin-only" planning tool. However, activating it also makes it appear on my Nav Bar, which is cluttery. How can I remove it from there?  (Probably just put it in a link somewhere.)

Curious in Tampa 

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P.S.  Glitch??
I enabled the Main Calendar and added some dummy events/permissions to experiment with it, But when I DIS-abled the calendar, it's link continued to remain on my Nav Bar.  (And since my nav bar already has too many entries on it, it made the nav bar wrap to the next line, screwing up the layout.)

Hi Neil-

Regarding your "glitch", I can see that the Calendar module is still enabled on your site. Are you sure you actually disabled the Calendar as a module (via the "Structure" section of your control panel)? (and make sure you hit the submit button on that page to save any changes you make)

If you disable via the Structure control panel, the Calendar link will be automatically removed from your nav menu.

Thus, no glitch there.


The calendar module can be used like any other calendar you are used to using for displaying events of all types; it supports multiple calendars, so you could, for instance, set up a "Holiday" or "Vacation" calendar that is separate a main calendar.  

The calendar has value if your community has any kind of events that the members are interested in sharing/seeing. Events can include location and support RSVP.  Note that does not currently support repeating events, however.

Hi, Neil:

We rely on the calendar on my community, which is for the community choir to which I belong. All of our rehearsals, performances and other special events are on that calendar, and we use the calendar widget on the front page, so that upcoming events are front and center.

There is also a separate birthday calendar which will add your members' birthdays to your calendar. You can disable that if you don't want to show birthdays.


Am I missing that it has a notification feature for events??  That would be important to have. I see "follow."  I want the event entry to send an alert, so to speak. 

Hi, Neil:

if you look in your notifications, you'll find a whole section for the Calendar. Event entry notifications are checked by default for your members, but there a number of other notification options, too.

When the calendar item is created. And, if your members have RSVP'd to the calendar item, they'll also get reminder emails just prior to the event.

How soon is "just prior"?  24, 12, 6 , 1 hour?

i rsvpd to my own test event and didn't get an email notification. 

Btw, what's the email address that notification was sent from?

Hi, Neil:

The event reminders go out twice: the day before and the day of. They are sent out at midnight Pacific time.

You should be getting an event notification, even if you set it up. However, if you set up an event for the same day you set it up, there probably isn't an event reminder email, since the event would have passed when reminders are set to go out. Is that what happened with your test event?

The alerts come from the same address as all other notifications:


Thx. I probably just set the test too soon. 

Lori, we're looking at this as an Admin and Moderator tool. "To do" reminders etc. But as I think about it, wouldn't it be great to have an "Admin One Stop Shop Page" which put a number of things all on one page, like a configurable Homepage for admins/mods:

-Calendar box

-Content box for mods to list/see  "Things that need attention" - with a checkbox "done" feature.

-"Recently posted content" listing box. 

-Chat room box option

-Content box showing admin forums that have new posts  

Right now, we have all these communications scattered across Private Messages and various topics. Adding an admin calendar simply creates one more thing that's easy to lose among all the other scattered pieces. Creating one configurable admin-mod "center" would be nice.



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