Survey - Need Longer Text Field for Open-Ended Question Format (1000-1500 characters)


Hi, all, I recommended this idea four years ago (, and I'm sad to see it not yet implemented. The survey functionality on is seriously constrained by the extreme difficulty of asking open-ended questions. I've been working around this issue for four years (by building an area into a multiple choice question to fill in the blank), but this is awkward at best. Further, the amount one can say is limited to 250 or so characters, which is not a lot. We have a serious survey need coming up in September (where we'll be doing monthly surveys with a heavy qualitative/open-ended bent), and I'd love to have our survey reside on Cookie Connection. However, the current difficulty in asking these sorts of questions may force us to use another platform.

Please say you have the intention of adding an open-ended question format to the surveys area soon!

Thank you!

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Hi, Julie:

We implemented the open-ended question a while back:  You can choose "Text Only", "Allow Write-In Responses", and then delete the answer slots. There still is a 255-character limit in the responses, however.

It looks like we didn't post on your original suggestion to tell you it had been done--I'm sorry about that!


Wish I had been told - the option is not evident from any prompts in the survey area, and I've been working around the multiple choice option (which was a pain) for so long . . .

Yes, I understand, and I'm sorry about that.

How about if we change this title to a suggestion to increase the character limit beyond the 255-character limit? I don't think we can use "200 words", though, as words vary in character-length. What about something like 1,000 characters?

Yes, 1000-1500 characters would be better. Please consider it even if it doesn't get votes; seems like an easy thing to flip, given the basic open-ended structure is already there. We'll need this functionality by mid-October.

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