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In an effort to expand survey functionality, I propose the following changes (item 1 has been proposed a few times now):

(1) Lengthen open-ended question response (extend beyond 255 characters to more like 1000); we are seriously constrained in the current survey we are running because the response area is too short.

(2) Allow people to skip responses. (Right now, people have to answer every question, even if the question isn't relevant, in order to save their responses)

(3) Allow the survey creator to set up automated skip sequences, i.e., if someone answers in a particular way to a preceding "screening" question, then they will automatically be skipped past questions that aren't relevant to them. For instance, right now, we have a survey running where many questions aren't relevant if people don't use a certain tool. I'd like to skip them past the irrelevant questions based on how they answered the tool question, and only show them the questions that pertain to them. (In other words, I'm looking for the ability to set up skip sequences/patterns, based on basic if-then logic; i.e., If so-and-so answered "yes" (or "no") to question X, then jump to question Y, else stay on current survey path.)

A primary goal with surveys is to obtain quality answers as efficiently as possible so respondents don't check out partway through the survey. With the way the system currently works (forcing everyone to answer everything), most of our surveys end up being very clunky and cumbersome for the respondent to answer . . .

Thank you for considering.

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