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As noted in a previous post, I don't want the sticky forum headers in the forums  (they take up too much room). So I used your CSS code, as instructed, and that seemed to work - for a while. But I am now seeing the sticky headers in the forums again. How can I suppress them once and for all? Thanks.

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Hi, Julie:

Sorry about that--looks like there was a little tweak to the code Dave wrote, and it should be this:

/* hide the new sticky header from view for all screen sizes */
.forum-topic-sticky-header.fixed {
display: none !important;

You just need to add the "!important" between "none" and ";" (or replace the entire phrase).


Julie Usher posted:

THANKS! Though sorry, but can you remind me where this codes goes on the site? I’ve already forgotten where I located it...

From the CP, it's under Design -> Display Settings -> Custom CSS (scroll to the center of the page).

Thanks, Slaz!

Sorry, Julie--I should have told you that!

Your current code for that is the last in that field, so just scroll to the bottom of the Custom CSS field.

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