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Hi there,

we have an active and engaged culture at our hub and our members like to comment topics, blogpost and other comments. Sadly comments on other users comments aren't shown below the comment - they are on top of all comments. That makes it hard to start a discussion if our members can't find all comments belonging to one topic. Facebook is a great positive example on how we would like to discuss and comment. Are there any possibilities to change that?

Thanks, Jule

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Hi Jule,

What you are describing is a threaded display model. uses a linear model, where all replies follow one another.  Currently you have your site set to reverse chronological, so all new replies go to the top.  You might want to try chronological order, so that new replies go to the bottom.

You can change that in your display settings, a the very bottom. "Default Sort Order For Comments."  Try oldest to newest.

One other hint that I think can help is the reply with quote feature.  If they use that feature their comments will be quoting whomever they are replying to, which will make the flow more obvious.  You might want to point this out to your users.

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