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I wish to display avatars and names of members who reply to our blogposts. How can I enable this? 

As an example, please see screenshots attached of the german community (where avatars and names show) and our french one (where we don't know who commented...)

Thanks in advance for your help!




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Hi Lola,

Someone put in a little CSS to hide that a while back.  You can remove the CSS and make the line visible in your control panel.  Go to Display Settings, then scroll down to custom CSS.  When you click in the box it will expand. Look for the following two lines and remove them. then click the button on the bottom to update and the author info should appear again.

/* jw: remove blog entry byline */
.h-blog-title .h-byline {display:none;}

Hi Dave,

I can't seem to find these two lines here's what I have in my custom CSS.

Thanks in advance for your help!

/* mhf: READ JIRA Right Start RS-115 for details on custom CSS */

/* suppress topic details on home page topic from 'sticky' forum */
#homePage div.content-label-section{display:none;} /* only on home page */
/* suppress member details on home page topic from 'sticky' forum */
#homePage .h-byline{display:none;}
/* suppress link to All Topics MUST have right OID to work */
#contentBlock_16084252163659727 div.h-content-block-footer {display:none;}

/* suppress POST button on Blog/News page */
#blogPage #createContentButton {display:none;}
/* suppress POST button on MEMBERS page */
#membersPage #createContentButton {display:none;}
/* suppress POST button on PROFILE page */
#memberProfilePage #createContentButton {display:none;}

/* mhf: hide breadcrumb at request of owner */
.breadcrumbs-wrapper {display:none}

/* suppress title on cfrm page */
#cfrmPage #pageTitle {display:none;}

/* tweak appearance of top page wrapper */
#pageContentRow {padding-top:15px;}

/* revise size and color of headings titles to match wireframe doc spec */
h2.content-title, h2.h-blog-extract-title{font-size:1.3rem;}
.h-cfrm-forum-name {color:#666666;font-weight:600; font-size:1.3rem;}

h1, h1 a, h2, h2 a,h3, h3 a, h4, h4 a {

nav#top_nav_bar ul.right > li > ul.dropdown {
left: 0;
right: auto;

/* add an outside border to submenu for better definition */
.top-bar-section ul.dropdown { border: 1px solid #dfdfdf;}

/* suppress nav dropdown menus!! at request of owner */
#menuItemBLOG ul {display:none;}
#menuItemFORUM ul {display:none;}

/* solid line at bottom of nav wrapper */
#top_nav_bar_wrapper {
border-bottom:1px solid #cecece;

/* bl: moved the background image to the #top_nav_bar */
/* use instead of header image to make logo appear inline with nav */
#top_nav_bar {
background-image: url('/ws/pinterestcommunitylogo_final.png');
background-position: left center;
/* mhf: increase top nav bar height per wireframe doc */
height:60px ;

/*hide verify email alert icon*/
#warningMenuIcon {display:none;}

.top-bar-section ul li>a {
text-transform: capitalize; /* remove default uppercase for navs */

/* extra padding at the top of the page body */
#pageContentContainer {

/* widgets */
.widget-box {

/* footer */
footer#pageFooter {
border-top:1px solid #dfdfdf;
background-color: #F8F8F8;

#footer-tagline {

#footer-copyright {

/* bl: highlight selected menu item */
body:not(.h-page-with-forum-resources) .selected-menu-item a,
body.h-page-with-forum-resources .h-custom-menu-item-16084252163658013 a {
border-bottom:3px solid #cb2027;

/*rounded avatars*/
.member-avatar { border-radius: 50%; }

/*size of featured content*/
body#homePage h2.h-topic-extract-title {
font-size: 1.2rem;

/*size of avatars*/
body#homePage .h-forum-topics-content-block img.member-avatar {
width:60px; height:60px;

/*no member count*/
.member-count-container {display: none;}
.h-member-count {display: none;}

/*smaller member avatars*/
.h-member-directory-grid img.member-avatar {
width:120px; height:120px;

/*don't display any points on site*/
.h-profile-points { display:none; }

/*rounded avatars on profile page*/
#memberProfilePage .cropped-image-container { border-radius: 50%; }

/*No follow on news posts*/
#blogWatchSettingButton {display:none;}

/*No dark image news posts*/
.title-image-darken {box-shadow:none;}

/*News clean up*/
#blogPage .title-image-byline {display:none;}
#blogEntryPage .h-byline {display:none;}

/*Remove items from menu*/
.h-member-posting-tips {
display: none;

/*Discussions clean up*/
#cfrmPage .h-title-line,
#cfrmPage .h-forum-last-post-datetime {
display: none;

.h-ubb-directory-forum-box .h-forum-avatar-column {
display: none !important;

.h-ubb-directory-forum-box .medium-10 {
width: 100%;

.h-widget-blog-item { margin-bottom:2px; }

#watchForumButton {
display: none;

#socialFeedButtonsGroup_1_buttonContainer { display: none; }

#watchContentUserEventTypes_CLIP_item {display:none;}
#watchContentUserEventTypes_BLOG_ENTRY_item {display:none;}
#watchContentUserEventTypes_QUESTIONSHARK_TOPIC_item {display:none;}
#watchContentUserEventTypes_GROUP_JOIN_item {display:none;}

.uppercase { text-transform: none; }
.h-featured-label { text-transform: none; }
.h-topic-reply-count-label { text-transform: none; }

/*recommendation engine styled like widgets*/
.callout-box.h-recommendations {
.callout-box.h-recommendations h4 {
color: #666666 !important;
font-size: 1.2rem;

h1#pageTitle { font-weight:600; font-size:1.5rem; }

.top-label.h-new-label, .top-label.h-topic-count-label {text-transform:none;

#blogCollectionsMenuItem_link { display: none; }

.post-box-action-row .f-dropdown a[rel="nofollow"] {

#mceu_9 {display:none;}

I guess that I was looking at he wrong Pinterest site.

Please remove the following, one at a time.  The first line is a comment so that we know what it does, the second should put back the User's avatar, and the third one should put back the User's name and the rest of the text.

/*News clean up*/
#blogPage .title-image-byline {display:none;}
#blogEntryPage .h-byline {display:none;}

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