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Hi there,

is it possible so send a notification to new members?

At the moment we use this recipe:

<input checked="checked" data-fv-field="actionFields['MODERATE_MEMBER'].properties.requireApproval" data-fv-icon="false" data-fv-notempty-message="You must select an option." id="requireApprovalRadios_false" name="actionFields['MODERATE_MEMBER'].properties.requireApproval" required="" type="radio" value="false" /><label for="requireApprovalRadios_false">Account Active Immediately, But In The Moderation Queue For Review</label>

Before we used this one (Account Not Active Until Approved) and we had the the possibility to write a welcome notification sent to the member when we approve them. 



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You might try the recipe labeled "Onboarding".  If you have categories enabled in your Recipes area, click Add Recipe under the General Category. At the bottom you'll see Onboarding which has a recipe named "Send New Member Follow-up Email". This recipe will let you email people registered X days ago.

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