Renewal questions


Renewal questions


Hey Hoop

What Page does a premium member get sent to when they receive their “about to expire” email and click the link to renew?

We will be sending our own renewal reminders. Should we just send “those about to expire” to their Member Status Page and tell them to “turn on auto renewal”??

BTW: Would be a nice incentive if we could offer a discount to those who click the auto renew button.

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Hi, Neil:

They get sent to their premium membership page:

Yes, you'd have them scroll to the bottom of that page and click the link that says "Re-Enable Auto-Renewal"

What if you created a coupon for them, and gave them the code in your email to them? It couldn't technically be restricted to those who click the re-enable button, but if you put it in that email, who else would see it but those folks? 

Hope that helps!


Happy Saturday Lori. 

Do they see a great big “Renew Now” button on the membership page?? That would be the thing. Trying to figure out what to tell people to look for. All I can see is my own acct status.   

The auto renew link is small and buried on the page.  

I know they see a big “purchase” link if they’ve expired. So why not a big RENEW NOW link?

Hi, Neil:

Here's what they see:

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 7.50.36 AM

It's at the bottom of the page, just like the "Purchase Now" button, but I don't think it's buried. It's right underneath your status.


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Yeah, I've seen that. I was wondering if the page would show something different to those who are "about to expire."  Doesn't look like it does.

So this is turning into a suggestion of something that should be improved.

To wit:

When a "soon to expire" email goes out asking people to people to "renew"  --then logically there should be a button that says, "Renew My Membership."

Yet....the existing link invites people to "enable auto-renew"  --which is technically not the same thing as "Renew."  If I wordlet it to read "renew my membership" then I'm not being honest because that link turns on auto-renewal. So I get it that it technically accomplished the same thing (turning on auto-renew = renewing), but it's a bit obtuse.  

The link also lacks visual clarity. For starters, it's small font. Secondly, it's at the bottom of the page.  Hoop should take a cue from the shopping cart world and make the "BUY" button obvious and easy. In fact, put "BUY NOW" (renew now) button in the Email to get people to take action right as they look at the email. 

Hi, Neil:

Sorry for the delay in my response.

I'm not clear on your suggestion for the first part: if their cancelation isn't effective yet, they can fix that by re-enabling the auto-renewal. You want them see "Renew my Membership" instead of "Re-enable Auto-renewal"?  It sounds like you don't want them re-enable the auto renewal. You want them to renew...before their membership is over? To charge the card at that time?

The second part I'm clear on:  you want it to be more obvious: bigger font, and button.


I did make the font bigger and fuss with the wordlet.

But as I see it, the logic is wrong...

  1. A member gets an email that says their membership is about to expire and they need to purchase another year of membership. 
  2. So they come to the page but don't see anything like a "purchase/renew" button for them to click on in advance of expiration. Instead, they only see something called "enable auto-renewal" which accomplishes the renewal for another year, but forces them to accept auto-renewal.
  3. The problem is that if some people do NOT want to switch on auto-renewal then they have no option to buy another year before their membership expires. They'd have to come back after it expired to click the "purchase" button. 

For those about to expire they should see these links: 

"Purchase another year's membership"**

"Update your payment details"

"Disable auto-renewal"

Fine print: **By default, your membership auto-renews each year on your membership anniversary. 



Hi, Neil:

While I can appreciate your perspective, the system is unlikely to change. It works like most other subscription services. We don't see problem with the logic.


I knew going in that the "system is unlikely to change," but I've never been shy about pointing out perceived inconsistencies in any system, regardless of the prospect or system. It's a character flaw.   

I understand why we love auto-renewal. But asking someone to "renew their membership" prior to expiration is not the same as setting their membership to "auto-renewal" -which is the only option they are given prior to expiration. 

On to the next windmill...

neil posted:

I knew going in that the "system is unlikely to change," but I've never been shy about pointing out perceived inconsistencies in any system, regardless of the prospect or system. It's a character flaw.   

I like to think of this as a "feature", not a "character flaw". 

I'll look forward to the next windmill.

On a related question...

When we create a discount coupon, is the discount 100% from our cut after Hoop takes its cut? Or is Hoop’s % taken after the discount is applied?

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