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Hey Hoop,

I would like your recommendations for a slideshow script we can run in topic posts, custom pages, and most importantly, on the homepage.   I have casually attempted a few and of course, some of the code doesn't play nice with What's your recommendation for a user-friendly script/code?

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Hi Neil,

I've been laboring with this question because I don't really have an answer.  I know that we don't really have a list of scripts that we recommend. natively supports jQuery and when I googled "'jQuery slideshows" I saw that there are lots for you to investigate to see if they suit your purposes.  I even saw one in w3schools that looked like simple javascript that didn't even need jQuery.

Thanks Dave.  I don't think I have an (easy) answer either.

I leery of implementing some scripts because in one case, the CSS they put forward 'whacked' my custom CSS and I had to use a backup copy to restore it. Why? dunno.

A slideshow "content block" would make a really nice addition to content block offerings as they are both about the same thing: featuring content. 



Didn't work.

I set up a test forum with a different theme so I could copy their CSS right from their page into the theme's custom CSS field, then copy their html into the post window code view (and change the img urls to my own).

Something is interfering with their CSS' display of the images.  All I get is two slider control arrows in the post.


I put it into a custom page and it did work fine.

with a caveat.   When I initially loaded the page all I saw was three dots. Once I clicked a dot then the picture loaded and I was able to scroll through the three that I tested with, back and forth.  I don't know why they did not immediately load, but I also didn't put a lot of time into finding out.

The site that I tested on has no custom CSS at all, just the default.  I'd think that if this CSS clashes you could probably do some editing and fix whatever is clashing, either by editing the CSS or the HTML or both.  Anyhow, it CAN be made to work.

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