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Hi Kelby,

 You have a false positive with your SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on the;

 After testing,some users may experience a warring page and asked to make an

exception to the website. Others will still have access to the pages and or website

but instead of having a green lock icon confirming safety, they will see a yellow caution

symbol and depending on the browser, a brief message informing the user the site

may be unsafe.

 The two options I'm aware of to fix this are as follows,

 Purchase a "Positive SSL" which can be a bit pricey, or my personal

preference, do what's called a forced HTTPS in your .htaccess file and SSL. Your hosting

should be able to take care of this as it looks like they're currently using

Let's Encrypt for your SSL.


Easy fix overall. It does hurt the promotional side of things to a degree but

nothing that can't be overcome.



What are your thoughts here?

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Hi Kelby,

The SSL certificate on your site doesn't have any issues. SSL Labs gives it an A rating, which is just about as good as it gets:

As such, I'm not aware of a modern browser that would give a warning page that he mentioned.

Maybe he's just talking about the fact that you are including non-SSL images on your page? I'd definitely recommend you go through your settings to make sure the images that you are sourcing externally from use https instead of http. You can do everything you need there through your control panel.

Hope it helps!


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