Push notifications not working on Samsung Galaxy S8

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I have enabled push notifications on my phone but do not receive them, I only see the notifications when I log into the app. We've had similar reports from other Androids, including the Pixel 2 and Galaxy 9. 

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Hi Dave,

I believe there was a misunderstanding about the device being properly tied to the person's account. The message about notifications within the app was just something Colleen noticed on her device and thought might be part of the problem. All of the Android users thus far on our end are having issues with not receiving push notifications even after going through the steps suggested in the thread with Colleen. These include my Samsung Galaxy S8, a Galaxy 9 and Pixel 2 Android phone.

The message Colleen was referring to does say Android on my phone. Along with going through the steps suggested on the thread to fix the notification issue, I have also double checked my phone's settings to make sure they were not overriding the app permissions. Not sure why it doesn't seem to be working on our end.


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Hi Dave,

Apologies for the late reply, I was out of town. I've sent you an invitation. However, since this is intended to be an exclusively female space, we ask that you make your username "tech support" and not upload a personal picture so as to not throw off the users currently in the app. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hey Dave,

I think there have been a couple of posts in the last few days! Have the notifications been working for you? I can also post something if that helps.

Actually, can you please send me a private message? That way we can spark new notifications when we need them, and not cause the entire community to get notified. Thanks!

Ok, that was just what I needed.  Got the email, and the PM shows in the app as new and unread, but it did not set a notification on the phone.  

That's what I needed to start, thanks! I'll let you know what we find.

Hi Dave,  I'm chiming in here to see if there has been any progress.  A majority of users (and potential users) for the BOLD Society app and platform are on Android.  This lack of notifications is inhibiting engagement as well as promotion of the app.  This is important to us!

Hi @Robin Stevens and @Natalia. Thanks for bearing with us on this.  After tons and tons of head scratching, lots of research and a bunch of test versions we finally have a solution.  It was just so difficult because only a small (but growing) subset of phones had the issue.

We're going to package up the new version, and it'll be published to the Google Play store soon. Once Google approves it, all of your users will get the update and push notifications should then work for everyone.

The newest version is in the hands of Google now.  I'd expect in the next few hours you'll be prompted to update unless you have autoupdate on in your phone in which case it will do it automatically, however often it checks. Daily, I think?

The newest version is 1.0.11. You're probably on 1.0.9 right now.  

If it is not set to automatically update, then yes please.   Once you've done that I can send you a private message if you like, to cause a notification to happen.

Ok, couple things to check. Go into your profile, and under notifications please make sure that Android App Push Notifications is Checked.

No, in your phone go to settings, apps, and scroll down to Bold. Touch it, then on the bottom line, can you please tell me what version number it says?  Then on the phone go to Notifications, BOLD, and make sure it is ON.


Yup, I doubled checked after I updated and the the Android App Push Notifications are on.

The app version says 1.0.11. I made sure the notifications are also on here.

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