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what I want to emphasize is that I didn't know Moderators could delete  an Admins Posts. Iv'e never had a moderator do that until today. She is new and got embarrassed when I corrected her one of the forums. She made the correction and then deleted my comment about it. 

Thank you

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Hi there 

There is no way to prevent moderators from deleting content even from you.  Moderators by design are granted permissions to edit or remove content, and there isn't a way to "except for this person or that person."   You'll just have to remove her as a moderator or make sure that she understands that her actions were not acceptable int he future.

There isn't a way to undelete a post, but there is a way to do a site restoration.  I just don't know if that would help you.  Site restorations are a restoration to the point where the last backup was made, which runs once daily, at night.  If your post was already deleted by that point it still wouldn't be restored. And, the other thing to know is that the entire site is restored back to the exact point of the backup, so anything that may have been posted since that point would be lost.   It really is more geared more to recovering from an entire site catastrophe than restoring a single post.

I misspoke my answer. There isn't a way to do a complete site restoration.  I was thinking of our older eve sites.

Either way, you wouldn't get the one post you were looking for even if we were able to.

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