Posting Tips - control where that link goes


Posting Tips - control where that link goes


In if you click your name (top right) there's a menu item Posting Tips.

We wanted to control where that link went
(instead of  https://yoursite/member-cp/posting-tips)

Here's what we did.

In Control Panel
-  Display Settings
-- End of Page HTML

We added some jQuery to locate the link and replace the href attribute with the address where you want Posting Tips to go.

$(function() {
// Redirect Posting Tips to our own blog post with posting tips
$("#postingTipsMenuItem_link").attr("href", "http://...");


To make this work for you, in the code above replace


with the address of a custom page or blog post that you have created. In our case, we're linking to an id within a blog post.


Here's how a member sees the outcome.


Have fun with it.



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Posting Tips - Control that Link
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