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Hi All,

we have had a report form a couple of members that there appears to be some kind of issue with the forum time zone when viewed on Safari on iPhone.

The member who initiated the post about the issue has posted as follows:


Every time I visit this site - every refresh, every navigation, every device, I get this screen:

It is, as I hope you can imagine, a bit annoying. 

But I haven't changed my Time Zone - in any way. 

It does not matter what I do, click the cross, accept the change (I couldn't give a toss what time zone it thinks I am in) or reject the change, the next time I refresh it asks again.

I get this:

The last time I raised this issue, I was told in no uncertain terms that it was somehow my fault - my phone was set to detect the time zone, instead of my having chosen one.

Something which it is, and does very successfully.

To avoid this orange band of ghastliness every time I visited the Naim forum, I DID actually set my phone to a time zone, and promptly got well and truly screwed up the next time I landed at a foreign airport and my phone did not update the time.

But tonight I realised  that it cannot be my fault - because the two options it seems to think I am between: "Central European Summer Time" and "South African Standard Time" ARE THE SAME TIME (certainly currently) as you will notice from this world clock, (in harmony with the clock on the top of my phone screen):

So, the problem stems from Hoopla not actually being able to tell the  time...

Please, for heaven's sake can, you ask them to synchronise their watches, or turn off this ridiculous 'feature'?

Thank you.

Can you advise what is going on here?



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Hello Richard,

That does sound like an amazingly annoying issue to have. Could you get some more details from the members who are effected? Specifically, it would be great to know what version of Safari and iPhone they are experiencing the problem with.

The member mentioned being stuck between "Central European Summer Time" and "South African Standard Time" and that if they updated their timezone pref on the site that the popup would just appear. Did updating their settings actually switch their timezone, but then the app thought they were on the other one? Or did the setting change just not do anything?

Getting a better understanding of that part of the problem I think might be vital towards figuring out what is going on and determining how to solve it.

Thanks Richard,


Hi Jonmark,

OK response as follows;

Something seems to have changed (see below), so maybe they are working on it, but the problem persists.

Here are the devices I have which are affected.

I am in Nice, Central Europe Time (I guess!):

iPhone 7 : iOS 11.4 (15F79)

iPhone 6 : iOS 11.4.1 (15G77)

iPad Pro (9.7) : IOS 11.2.6 (15D100)

Nothing on my MacBook Pro

Also on these old devices: 

iPhone 4S : iOS 9.3.5 (13G36)

iPad 2 : iOS 9.3.5 (13G36)

If I change the time zone to 'South Africa Standard Time' (Which is wrong, as demonstrated above, in fact currently France and South Africa are on the same time) then it does not seem to prompt me again (so far anyway). If I click 'Do not update' or just click the cross in the top RH corner of the 'warning', then it re-prompts.

I sent two test posts, one without having changed the time, and one having accepted the South Africa change. I cannot see the recorded time they were posted, only one minute ago/one second ago. SO I cannot really team whether it changed my timezone or not. 

Hopefully, also, the screenshots above in my first post should help.

Others appear to have had the problem when visiting France (and specifically with this phantom incorrect South Africa choice)  but I live here (and travel frequently, thus changing time zones often) so I encounter it all the time.

Please let me know if they would like any further info.


Thanks Richard, that helps a lot.

It sounds like there are two issues:

  1. The dismissal of the timezone change is not being remembered.
  2. The application is not accurately inferring the timezone from the users device.

It's good that it seems to stick when they accept the incorrect timezone, since that is what I would have expected. The process that checks the timezone should be consistent in which timezone it detects, and if that was jumping back and forth between two of them that would have been extremely unexpected.

It may take some time before we are able to dig into this and come up with a solution. In the meantime, have your users accept the recommended timezone. That way they won't continue to be prompted. Ideally they should be able to dismiss that and not have to see it again for that dismissed timezone, so that may be something we have to add.

The timezone is only used for rendering dates to the user, and is not stored directly with their posts. So, I am not surprised that they were not seeing a difference on their posts.

Thanks again Richard, helpful as always!

Hi Jonmark,

the member who initiated the thread has comes back with this;

Warning came back this morning. Have re-accepted the change to “South Africa” time, but it seems to have some time delay before reprompting.

But I’m sure it used to do this more frequently, although I used to click ‘do not change time zone’ (because it was right and the proposed change was wrong) and that didn’t seem to do anything. 

Still, it’s good they are looking at it, and thanks again.

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