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Over the last week, we've received a spike in requests to "unsubscribe". I'm not sure what changed to prompt people to be flooded in their inboxes, but they are not happy. They also can't unsub themselves via mobile view - just FYI.


So, they are expecting that they can email us and say, "Please stop the emails."  It's embarrassing to write back and tell them that we can't stop their notifications, and to give them instructions on how to do it themselves.

All of this is prompting this request:

1) Give us the control to choose the default notifications. Using "minimum, moderate, maximum" has not helped us at all. It appears to not apply to everyone, but only new subscribers from the point you change the settings- and if that is not how it is intended, then that is a separate support ticket I need to log. 
If we had control, we would choose for our members to receive:

*Specific followed content

*New dialogs
*Someone posts to my wall
*New calendar events
*New blog entries

We would not have our clips trigger emails for everyone - this is what seems to trigger the unsubs.


2) Give us the ability to edit someone's notifications - even if to just "suspend all notifications" so that when they send us this request by email, we can actually do it. If we can already do it, and I've not known how, please tell me.


The only thing we can do administratively (that I see) is delete people.  They don't want to be deleted, they just don't want to receive 85 emails in one day.


Thanks for considering this request - and if you are a community manager who wants more control over the email notifications that are sent from "you", please vote this suggestion up!

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Hi Melanie,


Thanks for the suggestions. My comments:


1) The default notification option does only apply to new members. It is not retroactive for existing members. We have had other suggestions for a more granular approach to setting notification defaults, and we have plans to add support for that in a future release. I don't have an ETA as to when that might be available as of right now, though, as it's not on our immediate development schedule.


2) This is a good idea, and we'll consider it for a future release. We've had similar requests in the past, as well. For now, your best option is to instruct the users to click the link at the bottom of the email to suspend all email notifications, which will prevent them from getting any more emails from your site.


As always, we'll post back here once we have an update on implementation status of your suggestions





Bumping up with a bit more info.

Elsewhere I had suggested adding a short delay to email notifications. I'm putting it here with this request as well. 

We had a spammer yesterday pepper our community everywhere. Even though we had him banned and deleted within 5 minutes, it was too late. People received a ton of email notifications with his spam.

By delaying email notifications, we can (a) fix our own typos that we don't want going out; (b) stop moderated content (of all kinds) from being delivered.

I'd still like to see a way for us to choose what types of content can trigger email notifications (1st suggestion in post above) - this will help us tailor for our own community's needs.  

Our board of directors are community members and we heard complaints from them about notifications.  Is it on the development plan to give admins more control over the notifications?


Hi Melanie!

I don't have an update on the original requests here, but I've got a few notes about what you mentioned.

Elsewhere I had suggested adding a short delay to email notifications. I'm putting it here with this request as well. 

It's probably best to keep these topics focused on the discrete features being suggested since supporting notification delays would likely be handled independently of the requests here. Feel free to cross-reference your other suggestion here if it's related, of course!

By delaying email notifications, we can ... (b) stop moderated content (of all kinds) from being delivered.

If the content is moderated and not live, the notifications will not be sent to members. So, as long as you have moderation recipes set up appropriately, this shouldn't be a problem. One recipe that many community managers find very useful to avoid this scenario is to moderate the first X posts for new members or moderate members until they have attain Y points. In fact, we have a recipe template for Moderate Content By Members Until They Have A Certain Point Total when you create a new recipe. If you're finding this to be a frequent problem with spammers, you might set up one of those recipes, which should completely mitigate that scenario.

I'd still like to see a way for us to choose what types of content can trigger email notifications (1st suggestion in post above) - this will help us tailor for our own community's needs.

Just to clarify, the original suggestion here would allow administrators to set the default notification settings for new members. It wouldn't allow you to universally disable email notifications for specific content types. So, for example, you could disable new clip notifications for new members by default, but members could opt-in to new clip notifications if they wanted. You wouldn't be able to universally disable all clip notifications across your site. Does that make sense, and will that still achieve your desired goals?

In terms of development timeline, neither of these suggestions are on our immediate development schedule, so I don't have an ETA as to if/when they might be available. We do think there is merit in the idea and plan to support it at some point, though I do also realize it's been a couple of years since you originally made these suggestions.

Would you be interested in a feature expedite quote to bump these features up our development schedule? If so, let me know which feature(s) you'd be interested in a quote for, as you have two suggestions here: one for admins editing the default notification settings for new members and another for admins editing the notification settings for an existing member.



I would like to weigh in here as well.  We are a regulatory compliance consulting firm and our community is made up exclusively of paying clients. Our community is the only way we interact with them. In our case, there is no anti-spam law issue - they are clients and do not have the right to opt out of our communications.

Our clients have a regulatory filing deadline in one week.  We have posted information several times on the forums and in the calendar and in news flashes. We are now getting inundated with messages from [bleep] who turned off all their notifications -- because we can't prevent that -- saying "doyyy... do I have some kinda deadline coming up? Can you call me and walk me through it? Reading is haaaaard."  Okay, I exaggerate, but not by much.

We REALLY need the ability for admins to set notification levels:

  • initially at a granular level -- not just the current low/moderate/high, but at the optimal level given our type of content and frequency;
  • minimum notification levels below which members cannot drop (e.g. they WILL get all entries on the Deadlines calendar at least in a weekly digest, and they WILL get support center messages immediately.)

Again, this is not a spam issue for communities like ours where the only members are clients. I understand that this is not the case for purely social communities or where membership is wide open. 

At the very least we need the ability to see a client's settings; If a client is not willing to receive notifications then I need to be able to fire them.


Bumping up original request. I'm guessing this never made it to the development plans. At this point, I guess we need to pay for an expedited. We had an issue this past week that inundated us with unsubscribe requests from people who couldn't unsubscribe themselves. 

We need better control over the notifications. Thanks~

Hi @Melanie!

Since this is a public suggestion, would you mind putting in a separate, private support topic with your request? It would be helpful if you also include the specific feature(s) that you're looking to have added, with a back-reference to this suggestion. This way we can handle the feature requirements and quote in private.



I will do the same. This is a desperately needed upgrade.

I understand that has concerns over anti-spam issues but I want to reiterate that in our situation, members are all paying clients and it is a condition of their contract with us that they enable receipt of communications – if they want to opt out we will fire them, because communicating with them via the membership community is 100% of why they engaged us in the first place. In situations like Melanie’s there is no anti-spam issue because they are trying to stop communications, not mandate them like we do.

Bumping this up yet again to see if there has been any progress on this.... If there are no plans to implement admin control in the near future, please allow us to at lease SEE what a member's settings are.  

The very specific problem this is creating for us is that apparently receiving notifications about support (QuestionShark) replies is not automatic (which makes no sense, because why would anyone create a support topic and not want to see the replies to it??)  We have had multiple situations where someone has thought we never responded to their question, when in fact we had, but their notification settings were such that they did not receive a notification about our replies.

At the risk of being a broken record here, our members are all paying clients. They pay us to communicate with them.  We communicate with them exclusively through the member community. There is NO anti-spam concern. 

If we could at least see what members' notification settings are, and be notified if they change those settings, we could contact them to give them a deadline to either change their settings to our mandated levels or be terminated as clients.  Instead, we have people who turn off their notifications, ignore the information we put out for months in advance of the deadline, and then show up the day before the deadline and say "um, you did my stuff, right?"



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