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hi SS,

This is in regards to to iPhone and maybe the android view. i May have done this to myself somehow. I  initially had it set up so that if one selected forums another little window pop-up would show a list of all the available forums of where they could post something in. Now I don’t get that. How can I turn that back on ? It’s too buried beneath other clicks and not easily found. Here’s a pic. Ok

3B54812B-EDFD-4405-A58E-D06CE4B159A1 I’m not sure if that’s happening from pc and Mac. I’m at work and can’t check. 

Thank you. Love PT 

surely thou jivest.


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Hi, PT!

You have switched to the New topic list mode in your UBB Forums module (here: 

In that mode, there are no separate forum/category pages, so you won't see anything other than the All Topics link in the mobile view.

Legacy mode still supports the forums and category views, however.

Hope that helps!


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