Not liking some of the "features" in the new release


I am not liking some of the changes in the new release.

  • avatar examplesthe "roundedness" of the avatars. We have many stock avatars with words on them which are now cut off. Here are a few examples.
  • moving the label "Featured Topic" to the END of the title line. (To me this demotes the Featured-ness of a topic!)

Is there any way to un-do these changes?


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I've already adjusted the avatar radius to accommodate most of our avatars that have some lettering (that Carol was referencing).

However, I cannot figure out how to MOVE the "Featured Topic" label back to above the featured topic title.   Would appreciate some help with that.

I DO LIKE the new "sticky" topic title.
Any chance we're someday going to get a "sticky toolbar" in the posting/replying field? That would be awesome. (We tend to post article length posts and having the toolbar 'stick' to the top as the field filled up would be super helpful.)

Thanks for the refreshments. 


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Hi, Carol and Neil:

There isn't a way to move the Featured label back up above the title--I'm sorry.

We are tweaking the avatar appearance options so that CSS is not required (even though you've fixed this for your site, Neil).


Thanks for the reply Lori.

Here's WHY the "Featured Topic" label needs to be in a fixed location and not at the end of the Title line:  word-wrapping.  Some titles are longer than others. That makes the Featured Label appear at various places on the screen depending on the length of the title.  I wouldn't mind to see it on the line below the Title, or above, but please pick one or the other and fix it there.


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Regarding the avatar shape, we have good news!

We've just rolled out an update that gives you more control over the shape of all avatars. There is a new setting in Profile Settings (under the Avatar section) that will allow you to control the shape of all avatars on your site, as shown below:

Screenshot 2019-05-10 15.18.49

Hope that helps!


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Thanks Ted.

Of course, I immediately adjusted it to 

.member-avatar.rounded-avatar {
border-radius: 20%;

Teach a man to fish ...and he'll get into your tackle box and mess stuff up.

As Neil said, word-wrap totally destroys the uniqueness of the featured topics in this new release! They just blend in with everything else now.

In our case, we occasionally sell a featured topic to an advertiser for a specific period of time. Now that Featured Topics are not really "featured" any more, they are going to be very difficult to sell.

PLEASE bring back the former method of truly "featuring" and bringing attention to Featured Topics.

For LEGACY mode, topics are supposed to still be in their own separate "Featured Topics" section at the top of the page. Thus, that is a bug that we plan to fix. If that is important to you, you will want to stay in LEGACY mode (and once the bug is fixed you will see the featured topics in their own section, just like they were before).

@neil and @Rich Melvin: we've just pushed out an update that adds back in the Featured Topics section header to more clearly differentiate featured topics in Legacy mode. The New mode will not have those section headers, but if you stick with Legacy mode, you should see it's back to what you're used to.

If you still see issues or have any questions, let us know!


Looks like you've also solved the "featured topic label" word-wrapping issue by getting rid of the label with the title. Correct?

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