Many new questionable 'members.


Many new questionable 'members.


Since converting to Hoop,la we have been inundated with new member signups.  So many I had to disable the site.

When I emailed them a welcoming message I get this reply.

Host unknown (Name 
server:xxxx: host not found)


Anybody know what's going on here?

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HI, Bill:

Sounds like spammers. There are a few things you can do to discourage spammers. I took a look in your control panel, and it looks like you've already taken a lot of these measures--was that in response to the signups? 

You should be able to re-enable your site, but keep these options enabled:

1.Require CAPTCHA for registration, here: 
That should discourage a bunch of them.

2. You can moderate registrations (you'd have to allow new registrations again, though, which you have disabled on the Registrations Settings page). Moderating registrations would just allow you to see the registrations as they come in, and you can choose to approve them, or just see them when they come in, so you can ban them if they seem to be a spammer.

3. You can also make your site private (which I see you've also enabled), but I'm assuming you'd prefer not to do that. The other options above should help you considerably.

Were the signups posting spam? You can create recipes to moderate some obvious spammy content for the spammers that do slip through the above.

Let me know if you'd like to set up a moderation recipe, and I can help with that.


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