Making changes to our registration page


Making changes to our registration page



I have a couple of questions regarding making some edits to our registration page.

1) Currently the registration page has one field for "Name" where members are instructed to enter their first and last name. We require a full name to register for the site but may people only put in a first or last name. Is there a way to have 2 required fields, 1 for first name and 1 for last name?

2) We currently ask for a birth date (day, month and year) because we require users be at least 18 years of age to register. We have many potential members who are uncomfortable supplying this information. Is it possible to have a check box that says "over 18" or something like that? Or can we just ask month and year? 

Are we able to edit the registration form from our end, or is this something we collaborate with staff on? 

Thank you so much for your support!

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Hi, Alicia:

1)There is not a way to make the Display Name two fields instead of one field, but there a couple of different ways to handle your problem:

a) You could add a note to your Custom Registration wording to ask people to use both first and last names in their Display Name. That, of course, relies on their willingness to follow directions.

b) You could create two new profile fields, marked First Name and Last Name, and make them required, and public. Those fields would be available to anyone who viewed the member profile, but they wouldn't appear in posts, so that might not solve your issue.

c) You could moderate all of your registrations, so you can check to make sure they've followed your instructions. This means that you'd get an email every time someone registered, and you'd have to approve that registration before they could participate. You'd do that by setting up a recipe to moderate all registrations.

d) Less onerous: you could just choose to be notified of all registrations, and then check them as you see them come in. If they hadn't filled out their name properly, you could message them to ask them to change it.

2) If you need to do an age check, you'll have to collect the birthdate, and it will have to be the complete birthdate. There is not an option to just choose the month and year, or the year.

Your site is not secure, and that might be part of your users' issue with providing this information. We do provide free encryption, per this blog post, so let me know if you're interested.

Hope this helps!


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