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Is there a list of permissions of what a site Super Admin vs a Community Super Admin can do on the site? We are trying to figure out what our permissions our community managers within a community have vs. what our staff as site super admins can do. For example, exporting a list of members from a community. I know we can do that as super admins but can our community managers also export a list of members? Any help would be appreciated. 

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Alicia sorry that it took a while to get back to you. I didn't see your question come in yesterday.

The answer is that the permissions are the same, but the scope of the permissions is what differs.

An individual Group's super admin can do only administrative functions for that individual Group.  The actual permissions mirror what the main site's Super Admin's permissions are, but they are only applied to the individual Group.  For instance, a Group Super Admin can export the members list of the Group, but not the entire site.

That said, it seems that there is a lot of overlap between each group Super Admins and the people on the Site Super Admin list.

But, in general however, having being granted Super Admin of a Group does not mean that a user has to be granted access to the main site control panel or functions.

A Site Super Admin can do anything, including be Admin of a Group, but the reverse, being a Group Super Admin doesn't necessarily make you an Admin on the site.

The actual functions and abilities are the same, but it is the scope that changes.

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