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Hi Carol,

The "p" just represents the current element your cursor is in. The <p> element in HTML is just a paragraph.

By the way, those image editing features are in an alpha testing period. They may not make it into the final release.



Love the new editor. 

Crisp and an undo button! 

Keep up the good work Hoop.


PS: Would you like us to try and break it? Or is that Jonmark's job??

Hey Brian....

The background is showing through our Reply Box (see graphic). I tried several CSS  background-color: white changes but didn't work.

(Notice we made our Reply container a distinguising color to make it stand out.)

background problem


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You ever sleep?

(In case you don't, while you're finishing up tweaking the new editor, please put a little padding between the reply button and the bottom of the box.)

You guys are racking it up tonight and as a software developer I appreciate what it takes. 

ONeills still doing unlimited vacation time? Hahaha. 

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