Is there a way to pull a report on page views?


Is there a way to pull a report on page views?



I was hoping to be able to pull a report on page views on our main blog for a specified date range, or by author. Is there any way to do this other than going into each post and checking the views on the blog post? Thanks!

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The easiest way to surface the page views for blog posts would be:

  1. In your Google Analytics account, set the timeframe to cover whatever range you want.
  2. Click Content > Site Content > Landing Pages.
  3. Look for the page views associated with blog posts.  (Blog post URLs are formatted with "displaycontent/content/".  Note that you can click the image icon next to each URL if you want to see the page popup.

To see this information by author, I think the only way to do it would be to add our Advanced Reporting option (that would also give you the blog post page views by custom date).

Short of that, I suppose you could manually use the GA report above, export to spreadsheet, and then manually tag the authors to the individual posts. I'm not sure how much data you're dealing with, but that might be feasible.

If you'd like a quote for adding advanced reporting, just let me know!

Hi Rosemary - thanks for your advice on the advanced reporting! Now that we have that set up can you direct me to instructions on pulling page views for posts from a specific member? Thanks!

Hi, Alicia!

In your Advanced Reporting screen, scroll down to Leading Content. If it's blogs you're interested in, change the content type to Blogs. The second report down is Most Page Views. On this page, you can see the top 10 blog posts by page view, with their page views on the right.

What YOU might want, though, is to tweak the report parameters at the very top of the page to display the top 20 or 50, and the time frame. Once you've done that and selected Most Page Views, you can download a CSV report with the data at the bottom of the page, and you'll get a zip file of the leaderboard reports. Most Page Views is it's own csv report in that zip file, and can be sorted by author, for example.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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