How to search for posts by former members?


How can I search for all posts by a former member whose account was deleted but whose posts are still quite visible on our site and useful?  

The Manage Content search feature requires an active member's name. But because the OP no longer have an account, it won't let me search for the OP's name which continues to be visible with the post.

I'd like to be able to create a profile for the original poster so that questions people have about all their formerly posted content will come to my admin email address. (The original poster made a lot of good contributions and suggested resources.)

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Hi, Neil:

As you've discovered, there isn't a way to search for former members.

However...I've just attempted an experiment that MAY work for you:

Go into Manage Content, to the search tab. Under Keywords, use "Former Member", and search on that.

Assuming that you have more than one former member, you'll have to sort through them, but you can 1) create a new account as you say above, and then go through and change the author on that content to your new account. You can do that on replies as well as topics.

Hope that helps!


Hi Lori. "Former Member" didn't work. The problem seems to be that the Displayed Name or Member Name is not part of a content field, and is thus unsearchable. Doesn't appear as a "member" either. 

I don't think this is a trivial thing. As time marches on (approaching two decades in our case!) more and more posts by former members become unsearchable and harder to manage. The solution seems simple: make the displayed name field searchable and allow admins to take ownership of their posts (assign to an active profile).

Hi Neil,

There isn't a way to search for orphaned posts by user as there is no longer a user.  When the member is deleted the posts are orphaned at that point. It would be best to find the posts before deleting the member.

But, even after the member is deleted, the posts can be reassigned to a different member as you find them . If you click Take Action  and then Edit at the bottom corner of any post you can reassign the author to your place holder or any other member.

Thx again. I knew I could take them over one-by-one, but that’s not helpful given the scope of the problem, the fact that it will continue to happen/grow, and our inability to find these post other than stumbling upon them. 

This needs a code fix for sure. 

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