How to Moderate posting by individual.


I want to make all posting by a single person to be moderated before allowing it to be seen by others.  I see that I can block the individual ... 

Best practices for accomplishing this.



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Hi, Roy!

The best way to accomplish this is by creating a Recipe:

In your control panel, go to Recipes. Scroll down until you get to the Moderation Rules section, and click the button to Add Recipe In This Category.

You'll want to name this recipe something like "Moderate John Doe content" (using your specific problem member's name).

Your trigger will be Content / Comment / Reply Posted.

Your Condition will be Author, and then you can search for the specific member (and make sure that the radio button next to Specific Members is marked).

Your Action(s) To Take should already be set for you: Prior to approval you want it to Not Be Published, and if edited in future, Be Moderated Again. 

Once you've completed this, click the green button to Create Recipe.

Now each time this member posts, his post will go to the Moderation Queue. That means you'll want to make sure you are subscribed to the moderation queue: in the Notifications section of your personal profile, scroll down to Administrative Events and make sure that "New Moderated Content" is checked. You'll get an email each time that member posts, and you can click from the email straight through to the Moderation Queue, where you can either approve or delete his posts.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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