Allow non-premium members to see title image of premium blog post


We've finally created a blog at We want visitors to be able to see that page and its title graphics, but they can't. It redirects them straight to the registration page.

The individual blog entries are set to premium only. 

I did have the "Mark All Blog Posts As Premium" turned on, but then turned it off.  But visitors still can't see the blog page, and I want them to be able to.

What am I missing?

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Hi, Neil:

It looks like you might not have set your permissions for people to see the blog. Check Permissions - View Content - View Blog.

I bet that'll fix it.

Lori I found that module permission,

But the TITLE IMAGEs for each blog are blocked as "premium image."  I want them to be able to see our engaging title image.

  1. World sees what we are blogging about, and see our title image.
  2. Premium only can open each post.

But how?

Hi, Neil:

The title image is linked to the blog entry, so you can't have the title image show for non-premium members if the blog entry is marked as premium, unfortunately.

I like that as a suggestion, though--do you want to change this to a suggestion, or put in a new one?


Yes, please clean this thread up and turn it into a suggestion.

If you think about it.... it's weird to allow world view + premium access --and then stick a big ugly "you can't see this" image placeholder in the middle of it.   (I did change the wording in the wordlet.)

Changed To Suggestion

This action was taken by Lori.

OK, I've changed the title, and made this a suggestion.

If implemented, non-premium members would see the title image, the title, and the extract. 

Update:  Not only is the blog title image not showing to non-premiums, it is also appearing as a white box in the Activity Stream.

Hope you fix this soon. We see the 'blog' as an incentive to become a premium member, but blocking attractive images isn't very attractive.

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