How do I count how many posts from a member?


I'm trying to figure out how many posts a member has written.

When I do a search like the one below, I get pages and pages of posts.


Can I get this as a report (excel format or comma delimited)?

I like to do some analysis on the questions I answered most frequently.

I'd also like to do similar analysis of others who post frequently. 

Is this possible?





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Simplest way to find the number of posts a user has written is to mouse over his/her display name in a post, then click manage posts from the popup.  The answer will be right at the top of the page.   You can then click show query and add keywords if you want to find out how many times they posted about X, Y, or Z.   It's inexact of course.  But definitely use key words to zero in any of your searches.   If you develop a list of key words then a list of users to cross reference the keywords against that might help some.

We don't have a way to export the results though, either though member management or or the regular search.  Maybe post that up as a suggestion if you can use it regularly?

Hi, David:

When I follow your instructions, I get four results - and they are not forum posts.

leads to

Here is the Search Query

Is something broken?




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Ok, I gave you wrong information.   That popup only gives master site content, not content from a group. And you're using Groups.

So, new answer:

Go into the group CP, go to content Manage Content / Manage search  and type in your Displayed Name.  That will give you the total count.  The front end search doesn't, but the control panel search does.

I think this search will get you what you want,  then modify it with keywords to refine your search.

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