How do I add another email notification to reported posts?


We've got a couple folks internally who already receive email notifications about reported posts.  I need to add another one.  I've spent 15 minutes poking around the control panel but can't find it.  Help?

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Hi Dave,

You need to add your new person to a circle that has moderation privileges.  Look on the left, under circles.  You've probably already made a custom circle with just content moderation permissions.  Add the to it.

If you have not made a custom circle that has only content moderation permissions AND you do not want to make them a Super Admin, then now is the time to make that circle.

Click on Circles, click on Add Circle.  name it "can moderate content" or something that lets you know what it is.  On the resulting page click permissions. It currently has none. Click Update Your Permissions, then Forums.  For any forum that you want them to moderate content click on the Moderate Content link and checkmark the new circle. You have to do them one at a time.

By default they will be notified if content is reported within any of the forums that the circle has been granted moderation permissions to.

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