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Ted and Rosemary,

At first we at The Happiness Zone were skeptical of the new format, but thanks in no small measure to your hard work, it has been great so far!  I want to thank you, Rosemary, for answering all my questions (even the not-so-important ones).  And I want to thank you, Ted, for always being so helpful and responding so quickly to my questions.  

I always recommend Social Strata (in particular hoop.la) to others because of your excellent customer support.  Once again, you and your team did not disappoint.

So, a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on Hoop.la 2.0.  It's a winner!



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Rosemary O'Neill

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...said the man who's family has had to remove all sharp objects from within his reach.

Early returns from our community are "Wow!"  Of course, we put in a lot of time, and with your help, it's looking spiffy. www.rotation.org

Our "list" is coming, but I promise it will be served with love.


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