Have the "last login" parameters changed?

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I thought that in the past I could search members' last visit by, say, BEFORE and then 30 days ago as the time period, etc.  I went to do this today because I want to send a message to anyone who has not logged in recently, as they may have missed critical deadline notifications.  I am only seeing the ability to search based on a time (e.g. 12:00) and not by a number of days.  Has this changed? 

I tried changing BETWEEN to BEFORE or EXACT and I still see only times available.

I went to Recipes, and I still see the ability there to set an automatic notification for those who have not logged in in the past however-many days, but I thought I used to be able to pull that from the Manage Members > Search area.  The message I want to send is specific to December, so a recipe would not be the ideal solution in this case.




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Hi, Mary! 

If you put your cursor in the field that says "After" or "Before", you can enter a date (or use the calendar picker). So you can choose between 11/1 and 12/1, if you want.

Is that what you're looking for?


Oh for crying out loud. 

And it's not even a Monday.

Yes, that is exactly what I needed - thanks, Lori!! 

PS - I think a brain-fart graemlin would be a splendid add for 2019.

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