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Hey Hoop.

Google Adwords is reporting that our URL has an http protocol error. I'm simply linking people to our homepage. The link in the ad is correct and testable with a browser, I haven't changed it in years, ....but Adwords' bot now rejects it because they say there's some sort of "HTTP protocol error."

They had me double check it with a tool at Scrnshot below --I ran the test for http as well as https.  In the lovely meantime, they've disabled our ads until we "fix" whatever the problem is.

Perhaps this is something related to the http->https change ??

httpprotocol error

We're screwing up all over the world


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Hi Neil,

I've not used this Uptrends tool before, and I'm not sure why they are reporting errors, to be honest. It seems to be an issue with their tool as far as I can tell (either making invalid requests or not handling's response properly). If they have a support contact, you may want to ask them what the issue is.

There most certainly are not "HTTP protocol errors" with works without issue in all modern browsers. Uptrends is likely doing something unconventional or doesn't support redirects/cookies, perhaps.

I also don't know why Google AdWords would be reporting HTTP protocol errors, either. Perhaps they have similar issues to Uptrends' crawler. Maybe somebody at Google support will be able to shed some light?

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you!


Hey Brian,

Uptrend's free 'uptime' tool is what Google Adwords Support had me use to confirm the error/disapproval.

Google is reporting a 302 "redirect" error.


The other three ads I have use the exact same URL. When I pointed that out to Google, they said it could be because their automated review of each adword hasn't come up yet for the other three. Apparently, they check each adword on a schedule based on when each ad was created/modified -which is why they said the other ads would likely get the same error when their review came around.

They had me make a slight change in text and retype the URL to send the ad back into review. Came back disapproved again, same error.

I'm calling them for advanced support and will let you know.



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Hey Neil,

Thanks for all of those details! That's very useful

We will do some digging on our end to see if there's something we may be able to do to help with the AdWords crawling, as well. I think we should be able to make a tweak to work around Google's limitation. It may fix AdWords, but it likely won't have any impact on Uptrends, as Uptrends doesn't identify itself properly via the User-Agent HTTP header.

Will post an update here once I have one.



Thanks for looking into that.

I just added https: to the URL on Google and resubmitted it for review. Previously, and for the other three ads, it is/was good enough just to start with 'www'.   ( still doesn't like our URL with https or http.)

Review usually takes 12 hours. I'll let you know.  

I ran through the uptrends tool and it liked that URL. Then I ran the URL for THIS message and it reported the protocol error.   So it doesn't like something about the way you are wired. If you're married, you already know this, but just in case. 



Uptrends is not likely to work on any site due to limitations of their system. It doesn't look like there is much we can do about their issue, either, as they don't "self-identify" as per standard convention in the User-Agent HTTP header.

We made a very minor tweak to your site that may help with the Google AdWords 302 redirect error. Here's to hoping it helps. Let us know the outcome of the review!

Google approved it. 
Was it your minor tweak? Or because I added "https://" instead of just keeping the URL starting with "www" like I've done for years?  Both? Dunno.  

Uptrends is still reporting a protocol error, btw.

You might want to alert other Hoop customers using Adwords. Google has no problem "disabling" a campaign ad and only noting it in the Adword control panel. Too bad they don't own an email company. 

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Great, thanks for confirming, Neil!

The tweak just had to do with how we were handling the Google bots that were crawling your site (effectively bypassing redirects, which looks like was the heart of their issue). I don't think it had to do with the URL change(s) you made.

Yeah, I was expecting Uptrends not to change (and likely it will stay that way).

We'll be pushing that change out universally to all customers at some point.

Thanks again!