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Hey Hoop,


If I give someone my hoop.la premium username and password so they can have premium access to my Hoop.la-powered community website, will my username and password also give them access to my Feepod account?  ...ie... will they be able to see my Feepod cc transaction data used to pay for the premium account?   (I believe that both the hoopla and feepod account log in use the same username, correct?)


Why I'm asking:  From time to time, a member wants to allow a friend to log into the community to see a particular resource only those with premium accts can see.

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Hi, Neil:


They would be able to see your FeePod info, yes, but they would never see your full credit card information--just the last 4 digits, your expiration date, and your billing information.



Great....I assumed that, but wanted to check.

Do you see any reasonable reason why not to give someone such temporary access?

I'm not worried about them posting junk or changing a password.

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