Feepod Email control panel: allow "from" display name to be a wordlet.

Service: Hoop.la

Currently, we can change the subject of a Feepod Email, which is nice.
But it would be even more helpful to allow us to modify the Display Name in front of the feepod email address so that casual members recognize who the email is from. I would apply this wordlet option to ALL emails coming from hoop and feepod.



From: FeePod Premium Memberships <receipts@feepod.com>

From: Organization's Name <receipts@feepod.com>

This suggestion is part of my on-going request to help us get more of our emails past spam traps and members who don't recognize the email address.



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Hi Neil,

We intentionally do not allow sites to customize the 'from' address for FeePod emails. Similar to how PayPal sends you receipt emails when people use their service, it's important to retain the FeePod branding so users understand they are doing business directly with FeePod, not with your site.

This doesn't mean it can't or won't ever change, but I'm not seeing it as something we would likely support any time soon. We definitely can keep the suggestion open, of course 



I understand the need for some protocol.

But as you know, some people are not recognizing the renewal email as "from us" ...and it goes to both our bottom lines.

How about this possibility: "From:  Feepod on behalf of _______."


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