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Hi Gail-

You can delete members via the Manage Members admin control panel area.  Search for and select the member(s) you wish to delete and choose the "Delete Member" action at the bottom of the page (make sure you check the box for the specific members you wish to delete prior to choosing the action). 

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Hope this helps!


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Just an FYI that if you delete a member, it does NOT delete their content as well. Any content they have on your site will remain and be converted to be "guest" posts, not attributed to the deleted member at all.

Thus, if you want to also delete their content, you should delete all of their content first, prior to deleting their accounts. To do that, go to Mange Content, search for all of the content created by that person, and delete it there. Then you could delete their account in Manage Members.

Of course, if you prefer to keep the content (most sites do), then just delete the user account.