Deleting Blog Collection categories & Other Blog Questions

  1. How do you delete a Blog Collection category?
  2. If we require membership registration to view Blog content, I assume this means search bots can't see the blog content??  Or can they index the extract?
  3. What does the blog menu look like if we implement various collections? Can it be customized/graphics?
  4. I'm not seeing blog help in your knowledge base. Is there some?



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Hi Neil,

1) On the collections listing page you should see an edit and a delete link next to every collection listed.
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.41.49 AM

) You're correct on the former, if you're limiting access to a circle, all members in this case, then search bots, which are not members of that circle, cannot see the content, even extracts.  Blog entries themselves are also first and foremost subject to whatever overarching permissions that you have assigned to them within the  permissions area of the control panel.

3) See the image above.  The collections display as just a text menu. Once you are in one of the collections each blog entry can and probably will, have a title image.

4) Currently the only blog entry in there is how to enable featured blogs.  The KB grew organically as people asked questions and it seems somehow the blogs got a lot fewer questions.  If you search here in the support area for blogs you might come up with some tickets or posts that can help you a bit.


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Thanks Dave.

Where is the Collections listing? I don't see it anywhere in the admin menu and I've looked several times.

I figured adding permissions to the blog would not be SEO friendly. This would be a great place to rearrange the assets so that a Blog Landing Page with extracts or some descriptive text/menu could be indexed, but individual entries could have permission options. 

I'm sorry Neil, it isn't in the control panel. Go to the blog page. By default there should be a widget on the right for collections, with a link to the collections configuration page.  You may have deleted it. If so you can add the widget back or even simpler, just go to your site and add to the /collections page, like this  The Add Collections link is beneath the post button.  You currently have two collections that I can see listed while not logged in. 

I can see how allowing extracts but not the full blog would be beneficial. Maybe even more if you're running Feepod.  I found a suggestion that was posted which had a blog and collections SEO element. Maybe you could add your thoughts?

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