Daily Digest Email triggers "contain content typically used to steal personal information"

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Happy whatever you may be celebrating.

A customer just sent me this note. Can you fix things so the Daily Digest Email does not trigger this warning in Gmail?


my Gmail app warns that the forum emails "contain content typically used to steal personal information." Do you know what this is about? Screenshot_20181228-084131_Gmail



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Got it now.  Never seen that before.  I'll talk to Brian and Jonmark when we get back and see if we can determine what causes that.  Is it all of your daily digests? Or just some days?

Hi Dave,

I just set up a test account yesterday. I subscribed it to daily digests.

The digest I got today in Gmail did not have the warning. 

I have asked the member who got the original warning to forward the original email to me.  He thinks he may have deleted it, but he will forward any other messages like this.

I wonder if the problem was some content in one of the posts in the digest.

Here is a link to the topic quoted in the digest.



That's what I was thinking.  It's the same email template that all Hoop.las use, and your own site has been using it all along with no issues.  There is no link in any of the posts, and there certainly isn't anything there that *I* would think compromises someone's personal information, but the gmail people don't ask me for my opinion. 

Hi Dave,

I've been monitoring daily digests for the past four days. No problems with gmail.

I'll close this one for now. 

Thanks for your help.


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