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Hi there,

is there a possibility to create a landingpage for non registered users where they can get more information about before they sign up? The page we link to is not that welcoming and we would love to add some details, sentences or a photo to this page. 

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Jule,

Right now, because you're using the Pinterest login as the controller, and all of the sites are private (ie., whitelisted ID's only), we'd need to come up with a customization or workaround for you. In the current system, they will always hit your Pinterest login popup regardless of the link you give them.

Are you wanting to put a public link to the community so that anyone can request to join? If you can share more about what you'd like to have happen, I can help you make it so

Hi Rosemary,

thanks for reaching out! 

At the moment, we share the link to our community via Facebook and other channels so the people just read a few sentences and click on the link if they are interested in. The landingpage of this link should be more inviting and have more information about our community and about the sigh up process before they click and log into Pinterest and create a new account.

So is it possible to create a landingpage before new members get asked to log in?

Thanks, Jule

Hi Juliane,

We can offer you a customization to take care of this.

The new behavior would be a landing page that only renders if you go to the community base URL. If they try to navigate to any other page on the site, they will be redirected to login.

We can accomplish this for a flat $1,000 customization fee with a guaranteed 45-day turnaround time from time of signature. We'd waive the $50/mo. customization maintenance fee.

We'd expose a WYSIWYG editor for you in your control panel to control the contents of this landing page, as well as an option to enable it (it would be disabled by default).

If this is something you'd like to proceed with, just let me know and I'll prepare something for you to sign!

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