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It would be quite handy to be able to copy calendar events from one day to another for events that span multiple days and are similar or identical.  Then, if copied, I could go into the copied event and change any details that might differ (time, location, etc).




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Just wanted to post again how incredibly useful this would be...  I have many recurring events that occur every Weds or Thurs, for example, and it is quite tedious to add it anew for multiple weeks out.  I think having the ability to repeat the event until X date or unlimited would be SUPER helpful. 


I am sure that there is a lot of flexibility that could be added to this (bi-weekly, monthly, etc) but having the starting point listed above would be amazing.


Like this idea - Vote up, please! 

Just another bump for this one - I would LOVE to have this... it would make the calendar SO much easier to use as it is not uncommon to have events be offered on the same day of the week for multiple weeks.  It is a pain to have to re-enter the same stuff over and over again.


Thanks for considering.


Hi Morgan,


Thanks for the suggestion! We do have plans to support repeating/recurring calendar events in the future, but it's not on our near term development schedule, so I can't say if/when it might be available.



Moving my comment here along with my vote for this suggestion!

It would be great for administrators/specific circles to be able to create recurring calendar events, either by setting an event to recur on a set schedule (e.g., the 1st of every month, or every other Friday, etc.) or by being able to select and duplicate an event. Either way, the ability to keep the tags as well would be very helpful. Thanks!

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