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I'm sending this to the support folks for - I don't know if this will get to the right place, but please pass it on if this isn't where it needs to go.


I just read the most recent site update at and I wanted to send you a note of thanks, as it suggests.  I've only recently joined Cloudy Nights, but it's been very helpful to me, and I see it help so many others in the hobby every day.  It's also the closest thing to the "golden age" of threaded boards that I've seen in 10 years - it's a real community, daily, with a history and legends and its own culture.  Heck, some of the individual boards have their own jargon and legend, etc.  It's been amazing to me to see this kind of thing again.

So... thank for trying to help.  I'm sure it will all work out in the end.  And remember, if you ever decide to take your kids outside on a clear night to look at the stars, go to Cloudy Nights first.  The Beginner board will always be there when you need it (once they get a few kinks worked out...)

One more thing: if you get a chance to pass this on to Mr. O'Neill, I'd like for him to know that I've always considered UBB to be one of the most important applications ever developed.  I remember when it came online back in the old days, and it helped build real, vibrant communities all over the Web.  Without it we wouldn't have any of the social media of today.  As someone who studies information for a living, I can say that UBB was pretty influential.  So, again, thanks to Mr. O'Neill.

Take care,
Tim Michael

Timothy B. Michael MBA PhD
Associate Professor of Finance

University of Houston-Clear Lake
The choice is clear.

"Yes, we must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."  Benjamin Franklin

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Thanks for all of the help. 


I still don't know what to make of it.  Just over a week in and we blew through all of our allotted page views.  If it didn't happen so quickly, we'd probably be celebrating.  Then again, it didn't seem to come from any new members.  Who knows? 


We just wish it didn't get so cost prohibitive, so quickly.  Heck, we all wish we were using CN on right now. 


Again thanks,

Adam Jaffe







Thank you so much Tim and Adam for stopping by and sharing your feelings. It means a lot, and it's folks like you who keep us passionate about creating online communities in the first place.


Perhaps we'll run into you out there in cyberspace again some time

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