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Mornin' Jon!

Adding clip sets to the widget: If you add a clip set, it should show up in your widget, until you have 15 sets (your widget is currently set up to show 15 sets).  You would add a set on this page: See the link that says "+Add Set" under the "Post" button on that page?

To rename a clip set: Click on the set you need to rename, from the Sets page (same as above). Then click the link on the right that says "Manage Set", then choose "Edit Set" from the drop-down menu. You'll see the title in its field, and you can just type over that, and then click the "Update Set" button at the bottom of the page.

Does that help? 


Hi Lori,

I have a total of 12 clip sets. There are only three that rotate through the ...oh I don't know what to call it, but where the pictures come up automatically in sets and show pictures one after another. It's on the right hand side of the screen.

I did get to rename the sets correctly or mote or less so. I think there is hope there.

Aha! I understand. That widget is the one you've called Pictures. The issue is that it's limited to 50 pictures, and you've got it sorting by Initial Publication Date, so I think it must be continuously showing the first 50 photos that you've uploaded. I would try changing the sort to one of the trending options, like trending over last month. In case you don't remember how to get there, choose Manage Widgets on Home Page, then go to the Pictures widget, and click Edit Properties. Under "Clip Set", choose "Any or None", and under Sort Order, change it to one of the trending options. When you're done, click the green Update button on that widget, and then you can exit the edit  mode.

On another note altogether, you know the banner you have on the home page (about your club)? Do you mind if I wrap that in a little bit of code so that it is responsive and looks nice no matter what size the screen is? It'll just take me a few minutes to do that and I think you'll like the way it looks.

wrap it the way you like, I trust you completely...well a lot anyway. Now about the first 50, is it a problem that I called them pictures? I really don't care what we call them it's just that I am really old and I have called them pictures for a long, long time.

They aren't ever going to show in the widget in chronological order. The pictures that appear in the widget are going to be the ones that people have been viewing over the last month.

You have 218 total pictures uploaded, and that widget is bringing up only the top 50 (in terms of being viewed over the last month).

If you want certain pictures to show up, in a certain order, you should choose a specific set of less than 50 pictures, and then choose the sorting by the initial publication date, as you had it set before, but that's not going to happen unless you choose a specific set, because you have more pictures than the widget can handle.

Does that make sense?

I can choose a "specific set of less than 50 pictures" but I cannot get it over to interface with the three that are already there. I will count the number of pictures there and get back to you. I am referring to the three sets already there. Do you see the three?

Are we still talking about the same widget?

I thought we were talking about the "Pictures" widget on the Home page. You can choose one set, or "Any or None" which is now selected.

If you're talking about a different widget, you better tell me which one, so we can get on the same page. I'm confused by "I cannot get it over to interface with the three that are already there." 

OK good idea. I don't know the name of the widget. I go to pictures at the top of the home page. click on it. Under that is all sets. Scroll down past clip sets (note the twelve sets) I wish I could move them around, eliminating some that violate the 50 rule. Scrolling down further you will see "Street Vibes", then "get acquainted" then "North Coast".  (3)

I see I have gone over 50 clips. I would like to remove "get acquainted" but not eliminate from pictures but just the 50 that I am allowed there. I would then add in "Al Smith". I am scared to remove get acquainted but that just may be the answer. I would not want to loose them forever but take them out of the 50 and add in Al Smith or up to the 50 limit.

Ahhhhh.....I see what's happening here. Let me help to remove some confusion:

1. The right side of every page holds widgets, which are just a display mechanism for pictures, whether or not those pictures are in sets. If you remove a widget, it does NOT remove the pictures from your site, it just removes that particular display of your pictures. So, if you remove the "Get Acquainted" widget, your pictures will still appear in the set on the Sets page, and the individual pictures will appear on the All Photos page.

2. I think you've made more changes since my last post last night, but at that time you had 218 pictures, which are organized in 11 sets right now.  If you delete a set, it doesn't delete the pictures in it, it just deletes that particular organization of the pictures. 

3. Each widget is limited to 50 pictures, but you can have as many widgets as you want. There isn't a way, though, to combine a limited number of sets in a single widget, though: you can choose "Any or None", or you can choose a specific set, but having 3 specific sets in one widget isn't an option.

So...all that said, I think you should try removing the "Get Acquainted" widget on the right side, and add a new widget for "Al Smith". If you want me to do that, I'm happy to do that for you, but wanted to make sure that's what you want.

Did I help at all?

And a granddaughter of MINE.

OK, here's how to add a widget:

  1. On that page, click the link that says "MANAGE WIDGETS ON CLIP PAGES".
  2. Click the link that says "ADD WIDGET".
  3. From the popup with widget types, choose "Clips", then choose the blue "Clips" link.
  4. Give the widget a title in the Widget Title field. 
  5. Scroll down to the Clip Set field, and on the dropdown, choose one of the two Al Smith sets from that list.
  6. Change the Number of Clips to 50 (just to make sure you get all of them in the set).
  7. In Sort Order, you can leave it at Initial Publication Date if there are less than 50 clips (and I think there are) in that set.
  8. Click "Update".
  9. Now you can exit the edit mode (blue button at the bottom)...but wait: I've got a few more things for you--stay with me! 

I see that you have two Clip Directory widgets. You might want to delete that one. To do that, scroll back up to the 2nd one (says "Clip Sets", and click the yellow link that says "REMOVE".

Both the Street Vibes widget and the North Coast Ride widgets are not pulling from the respective clip sets, they are pulling from ALL of your photos. Did you want that? If you want them to pull from the sets, click the yellow "EDIT PROPERTIES" link under the title, and go down to the Clip Set field. Choose the clip set you want, just like you did for the Al Smith widget above, and then click the green "Update" button.

Let me know how that goes!

Well you figured it out for me. For a while there I think you didn't understand my rambling question and I didn't understand the answer. I appreciate your help and patience although I think I tested the patience part pretty good. I copied all of your responses.

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