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I am thinking of middle of next year (2020) to resign my position as owner and administrator for our forums.

It has been in operation for 23 years and I felt it is time that I start doing other things. A few of my members have expressed interest in taking over the board.

However I have a "grandfathered" account and I am not sure what is the process. Can the new owner still carry on using my account?. They will now be using their own CC and name for all billing, and will they continue with the same billing that I have, meaning same costs.



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Hi, Amral!

Twenty-three years is a long time! And congratulations on maintaining a thriving community for that long!

When you're ready for the hand-off, we will prepare a form for you to sign, to transfer the ownership to the new owner. Then the new owner will provide billing information, and the community can go on as before.

Does that answer your question?


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