Can we make all community links nofollow?


Our SEO team has recently uncovered that our links are not nofollow, which means our members are getting SEO link juice back to their websites. Is this something can fix? Can we make all links nofollow links? 

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Hi Briana, does not by default add nofollow to links that people post or put into their signatures.  We could probably devise a customization where any time someone submits a comment or does a signature edit,  that it checks for links and adds the nofollow to the link. I could get a quote for that, if interested.  Please let me know.

I'm not sure what might be standard for other forums, I'll take your word for it, but we do know that most of the people that ask us about link behaviour are asking for dofollow, which is the default action when there is nothing on the link.   We've never been asked for nofollow. The additional charge would cover the work to add and then maintain a setting to allow you to adjust the follow behaviour in links that users post without changing the behaviour of links within the structure of the site.

We do have a quote ready for you. 

What we would do is add a feature to hoopla that would give you a control panel option that will add a nofollow attribute to all user added links in any content, i.e. posts, signatures, comments if you eventually allow them, polls and calendar events too.   Turning it on would also fix any existing links on the site.

We would charge $1,000 to add and support the feature through any future version updates. Turn around would be within 60 days of a signed agreement.

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