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Hi Briana,

We can take care of that. There is an update to the SPF record in your DNS that will have to be completed by your IT folks before we can do that, but it is a simple change to make.  Here is a simple guide that you can give them to follow. Once you let me know that the DNS update is made we can change the address for you

This is not quite right.

TXT "'v=spf1 ~all'"
TXT "MS=ms27754306" TXT "facebook-domainverification=x5gmsckmq5ik5yoir4sj8vmkwufnqq"
TXT "google-site-verification=HeybNoRRauBz76tP4rFuelW0j7ZfDkDoYNDsEd6oR6E"
TXT "google-site-verification=YPFkltYqzw40bzdCsI028Jnth4NpI8oNoYJkPEg1WM"
TXT "google-site-verification=twwi25oEfBadKe6aCZABHgv7oqpNQRtrvNoIfAx2yFc"
TXT "loaderio=e2093e45a77f38c86f39c06aeae287f6"
TXT "v=spf1 ~all"
TXT "v=spf1 ~all"

The problem is that there are multiple spf records, 3 in all, and the first one invalidates any after it.

It needs to be one monolithic record or if it is broken into multiple records, the first needs include any other behind it.

If we move forwards with the records as they are any email sent by the forums will be marked as failing spf by recipient servers.

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