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Hi Yojeffo, doesn't currently support saving calendar events as a draft. Thus, there isn't really a great way for you to handle this natively. We could convert this to a suggestion, if you'd like?

The only real workaround in would be to use a regular user to post the events and set up a Recipe to moderate all events posted by that user. That way, you can get the events into the system, but they would be pending moderation approval in the moderation queue. Once you're ready for them to go live, you could edit the posts to make whatever you changes you want, and then approve them from the moderation queue.

The downside to this approach is that you have to use a separate user. You can't use your Super Admin user since Super Admins always bypass all moderation.

The only other alternative would be to save the information about the events somewhere and then post them to as calendar events once you have the final details and are ready for them to be published.

Hope that helps!


I have another potential solution for you...create a new calendar called "Drafts" which only you have the permission to view/edit. Make your events and get them perfect, and then when you're ready to share them, edit to switch them to a public calendar. (Just call me MacGyver.)

Sorry, I take that back...using my method will NOT trigger a notification as if it's a "new" event. (Since it actually technically went "live" when you created it in your private calendar.)

So if you go that route, you'll need to proactively send a message.

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