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Hello Neil,

What specific features of the "Printer Friendly Format" are you looking for? All of the pages in have been designed to be printer friendly, by using special flags in the HTML will tell the browser to hide certain elements when printing the page.

Because of that, if you print the blog page you will notice that most of the non-content related elements will be hidden, including the posting form, the right sidebar, and most of the interactive tools. That is a large part of the reason why we never created a "Printer Friendly Format" for other content types. After those changes, it just didn't seem necessary.

This is why I am curious what you think is missing, so that we can hopefully bridge that gap through classes or other mechanisms, without complicating things with a whole new rendering mechanism.



I'm not connected with Neil's blog though I'm aware of at least one thing. Using the blog on this site, I can see that the photo at the top of a blog article does not appear on print preview.

Hey Jonmark (and El Loro )

I did not realize that you've optimized "Hoop 2.0" for printer-friendly-ness. I thought that was the reason why we had the Option button's "printer friendly format" choice. (Just goes to show you I rarely print anything, but then, I'm not our typical user).

However, I also now see what Señor El Loro is pointing out ---those "premium" blog images not appearing in the Printer Friendly view --which is a glitch we posted to you about regarding their disappearance in email notifications as well. They leave a very big hole in the printout.

....So......if you can fix the missing blog image glitch, we're good 


Hello Neil,

In testing, I am unsure what image is not being included in the printer preview for you... Could you clarify with a link?

When testing, I was able to see that there was a print option for whether to include background images, which is how those header images are rendered. If you have that option turned off, that could explain why they are not appearing in the print preview.

Look forward to your response.


It's the TITLE IMAGE that's not appearing in emails or in the browser print. 

I pulled up the one blog post we have that's open to the public, and that's the screenshot you see attached. i.e. The issue isn't just about a premium blog post, it's all blog posts. The title image is not appearing in print or emailed versions.


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Hello Neil,

That was what I thought. From your print preview, if you click the "More Settings" in the left of that print popup, you should see a option for "Background Graphics", once you enable that, the title image should appear. This is something you must have turned off at some point, and it stuck in your browser settings.

Note: This will take care of the print issue, but the image not appearing in emails is a change I believe you are working on in another ticket, right?



Yes, I had turned off background for webpage printing. Pretty typical to do. So I guess the 'fix' is to not treat the Title Image as part of the "background" and instead, treat it as any other graphic inserted into a post. 

Here's why I think it's reasonable to expect it to be visible: 

The "Image Centric" blog option is a concept that says "the title graphic is important," and not merely part of the background. 

Hope you agree.

Alternately, we can turn off the "image centric" option and just put our title images within the posts, but that would pretty much just turn the BLOG feature into another forum, and I like that it aspires to be different.  

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